• Sparkadia

    Australian indie pop-rock act Sparkadia was originally formed in 2004 by Alex Burnett with friend and drummer Dave Hall, at that time under the moniker The Spark. Two more members were added to the band the next year, creating Sparkadia, and in 2008 the four-piece released Postcards in Australia. Following[…]

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  • Sparkadia - The Great Impression

    Sparkadia – The Great Impression

    The Great Impression is the 12 track USA debut album from Australian indie pop-rockers Sparkadia. Front man and founding member Alex Burnett shows great skill in his songwriting, seamlessly melding 80s style synth lines and sprawling, anthemic choruses with evocative lyrics to form a record that is heartbreaking and uplifting[…]

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  • OK!Good CD Sampler Volume 1

    OK!Good Records is an independent record label that was founded as an outlet for quirky, left field, unconventional and evocative music. OK!Good’s mission is to pluck talented artists from all corners of the global landscape and present them to an unsuspecting public. We’d like to share some of our current[…]

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  • Hafdís Huld on BalconyTV

    Check out Hafdís Huld’s performance of Oldest Friend from her album Synchronised Swimmers atop a 16 floor high-rise in NYC on BalconyTV as part of her promotional tour in May 2011. Synchronised Swimmers is available for purchase here:

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  • Hafdís Huld Interview in IAE Magazine

    I Am Entertainment Magazine recently interviewed and featured Hafdís Huld in their April/May issue, which is out in stores now. IAE Magazine is a publication focused on inspiring and educating film, TV, gaming, sports, and music aspirants while celebrating the careers of the working professionals who make the entertainment industry[…]

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  • Hafdís Huld LIVE @ Best Buy

    Watch Hafdís Huld’s performance of “Ski Jumper” LIVE @ Best Buy in Union Square NYC as part of her US promotional tour in May 2011. Hafdis Huld from D58 Productions on Vimeo. You can purchase Synchronised Swimmers here:

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