My Indie Nation reviews “The Great Impression”

My Indie Nation provides a short but sweet review on Sparkadia’s The Great Impression. You can read what they thought of the album below:

The Great Impression is the second full-length studio album that released March 18, 2011 by Australian alternative rock band Sparkadia… with China and Talking Like I’m Falling Down Stairs as the singles released. A Sydney, Australia-born (2004) band, Sparkadia was originally the brainchild of vocalist Alex Burnett and drummer David Hall. The group eventually expanded by adding Tiffany Preece on guitars and vocals and Nick Rabone on bass.

On a recent road trip, we popped this puppy in and the golden highway of melodies led us to our final destination. From start to finish, this record is a solid story. While all of the tracks had their own electricity, we were especially drawn to Fingerprints, Ghost and Hurt Me. So if your summer calls upon the road warrior within, this is a must have record for the trip. ”

You can find the original article here.

The Great Impression is available now for purchase on iTunes and our website:

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