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Irish multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter, Outsider releases his debut album, Karma of Youth. A textured and rhythmic excursion into the darker reaches of alternative rock and pop.

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Outsider follows-up the 2.5 Million Streams of his breakthrough single, “Míol Mór Mara” with debut album, Karma of Youth.

Crafting music mired deep within esoteric spiritual and philosophical concepts and evocative imagery is not usually the stuff of pop music, but for Irish multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter OUTSIDER (real name Seán Ó Corcoráin), this is what moves him… and aptly what makes his music nom de plume of ‘Outsider’ even more accurate.  In a world where ‘simpler’ and ‘basic’ are the standard backbone for most pop music, Seán’s music is deeply entrenched in Eastern mysticism, Western philosophy and a pure love of vibrant new wave  that is the backbone of his debut album KARMA OF YOUTH which gets released on April 17, 2020 via Ok! Good Records.


A textured and rhythmic excursion into the darker reaches of alternative rock and pop often inhabited by the likes of Interpol and The Mary Onettes, Karma of Youth was in fact inspired more by The Cure, Bauhaus, The Smiths, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Depeche Mode and The Talking Heads.  Outsider’s “Saviour,” the first single off of Karma of Youth, traipses across the aforementioned bands and sets a different musical course. Anchored by a tribal backbeat, the song opens up to an expansive and epic soaring chorus turning it into a post-punk anthem.

Míol Mór Mara” percolates with an anticipated urgency that bottles a propulsive forward beat that reads like Springsteen as fed through an Arcade Fire grinder. The undeniably catchy “Revelation Night Drive” pops with New Wave giddiness and a nervous build that recalls the great radio hits of the early 80s but with a decidedly ’20s spin.  It’s this masterful combination of head and heart… and dance shoes… that propels Outsider far beyond mindless pop without thumbing its nose at it.

Mastered by GRAMMY® award-winning Greg Calbi (The NationalWar On DrugsArcade Fire), Karma of Youth is a metaphysical roadmap for a lost soul. Documenting the experience of his rare spiritual “Kundalini Awakening”, it aligns itself to the same values that Buddhism, Hinduism, Freemasonry, Hermeticisim, and most ancient cultures hold. It is a deep purification process in which one emerges stronger and more level-headed than ever before, reaching the highest state of nirvana.


1. Saviour
2. Brotherhood
3. Míol Mór Mara
4. Íosa Chroí
5. Young Gods of Na Sionna
6. Revelation Night Drive
7. Motörmaze
8. Saturn’s Return

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