OK!Good Records Song Sampler Vol 2

Presenting, the OK!Good Records Song Sampler Vol 2. This is the second compilation of songs we’ve proudly packaged together as a free download. Volume 2 is updated to include tracks from all of the hot new OK!Good releases. We’ve even got one from the new Donots album, “Wake The Dogs,” which isn’t due for release until 7/3/12.

To get your free download you can go to NoiseTrade.com and join our mailing list by entering in your email address, or just use the handy form/music player below.


Track Listing:

01. Sparkadia – Mary
02. A Genuine Freakshow – I Can Feel His Heart Beats
03. Jon Allen – Sweet Defeat
04. The Trip – On The First Time
05. Hen Ree – Tonight After Dark
06. Schiller – Try
07. Paper Aeroplanes – Dancing Every Night
08. Hafdis Huld– Action Man
09. The Windupdeads – Army of Invisible Men
10. Donots – Wake The Dogs
11. chromatic Black – Do You Wanna

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