• Schiller’s Promotional Listing on BeatsHouse

    BeatsHouse is an electronic music community for anyone who has a passion for the music.  The site includes news, live video, radio, and mp3s. Check out their promo for Breathless, which includes video links to “Try” featuring Nadia Ali, “Breathe” featuring September, and “You” featuring Colbie Caillat. OK! Good[…]

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  • Schiller’s New Portfolio on BEATSMEDIA

    BEATSMEDIA is an electronic music community bringing DJS, Promoters, and listener together. BEATSMEDIA now promotes Schiller as a featured artist. Check out his biography and new portfolio. SCHILLER: BEATSMEDIA PORTFOLIO “My name is Christopher von Deylen – and I am Schiller. At some point during every Schiller concert, von[…]

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  • Schiller Breathless Review on EQ

    EQ recently posted a nice review of Schiller’s Breathless. EQ is a electronic music blog, where you find news on your favorite artists, listen to music, and discover new artists. “I had a listen to the new Schiller album yesterday and it’s really VERY GOOD.  Check out the collaboration with September called[…]

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  • Schiller

    “My name is Christopher von Deylen – and I am Schiller.” At some point during every Schiller concert, von Deylen speaks these ten words and the crowd goes wild. With over 650,000 albums sold since 1998 (and counting) and multiple sold out live tours, Schiller’s success continues to grow. Collaborating[…]

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  • The Windupdeads

    The Windupdeads formed in 2007 and released their self-titled debut album in October 2008. The song Reverse of Shade gained attention through the television series Gossip Girl. The band also had two songs placed in the TV series Kyle X/Y and the song Substitutes off the newest album was featured[…]

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