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LA Music Critic Reviews ‘Blue Flame’ by Jon Allen

LA Music Critic Reviews Jon Allen’s newest album Blue Flame

Music review site LA Music Critic recently reviewed OK!Good Records artist Jon Allen’s brand new album Blue Flame, released in North America on Friday, May 18th.

Featured amongst reviews of Frank Hannon and Earth Moon Earth, LA Music Critic assured listeners, they should definitely be picking up Jon Allen’s album Blue Flame– a soulful offering from Jon Allen, and his first album in several years.

LA Music Critic briefly- but perfectly- describes why listeners will love Jon Allen’s latest release:

Jon Allen’s voice is just the right amount of raspy to complement the incredibly soulful beat of the instrumentation.  His style is true blue eyed soul, especially on “Jonah’s Whale” and “It’s Just the end of the World,” while he throws in a country vibe on “If you Change Your Mind” and a jazzy style for “Tightrope.”

Read more of LA Music Critic’s review on their site here.

Purchase a copy of Blue Flame at the OK!Good Records shop here. 

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