Schiller’s “Timeline” Is Now On YouTube!

Schiller Timeline

  Schiller’s album, “Timeline” is now on YouTube! Jam to smash hits like “Breathe” (feat. September), “A Beautiful Day,” “Sehnsucht,” and more here, and get your copy of “Timeline” here! “I Feel You” Lyrics: “I feel You… In every stone In every leaf of every tree you´re ever grown (That you ever might have grown) […]

OK! Good Records Goes to SXSW (Photos)

Welcome To SXSW

OK! Good Records was in Austin, Texas for SXSW Music 2014, and it was a blast! We had the opportunity to see some truly incredible acts – both established and indie, all equally amazing. You can check out the gallery of our journey to the festival below, and download our Official OK! Good Records SXSW […]

Download Our FREE SXSW Sampler On NoiseTrade!

SXSW Ok! Good Records Sampler

SXSW is just around the corner, so why not kick it off right with the official Ok! Good Records SXSW Sampler?! Featuring favorites like Dovetail, Donots, Schiller, A Genuine Freakshow, and more, the sampler will also give downloaders a first listen to the upcoming Jon Allen and Hafdis Huld albums! You can find the sampler […]

It’s A Dance Party In Schiller’s Video For “Das Glockenspiel”

schiller - das glockenspiel

You’re in Chinatown, it’s the late 90s, what do you do? Dance! Schiller’s video for “Das Glockenspiel” showcases young dancers in Chinatown showing off their best moves. What better track to dance to than Das Glockenspiel with it’s pulsating beat and of course, the banging of the glockenspiel. Check out the clip below. You can […]

Check Out A 45 Minute Highlight From Schiller’s “Sonne” Tour


Missed out on Schiller’s “Sonne” tour? Well, no problem because a 45 minute highlight video from a tour date in Dresden has been uploaded for everyone to watch. Granted, it’s not as awesome as actually being able to experience in person, but this will do until he can make it stateside!

Schiller – Timeline

Schiller - Timeline

“My name is Christopher von Deylen – and I am Schiller.” At some point during every Schiller concert, von Deylen speaks these ten words and the crowd goes wild. With over 650,000 albums sold since 1998 (and counting) and multiple sold out live tours, Schiller’s worldwide acclaim continues to grow. Schiller’s ethereal “global pop”, as […]

Review of Schiller’s Breathless on Electrofreakz

Review of Schiller's Breathless on Electrofreakz

Electrofreakz recently posted a review of Schiller’s newest album, Breathless, calling it “nothing less than a perfect chill out CD”. Electrofreakz is a music community that features the best of trance, progressive, techno, house, and electro music. Read what they had to say about Breathless: “Schiller – Breathless, Album Review: Schiller has done it yet […]