Jon Allen Vintage TV Live Session

Vintage TV Releases Jon Allen’s Live Session Online

Vintage TV brings us back to the ‘Deep River’ era with a newly released live session featuring Jon Allen

Vintage TV is a UK television channel created for music-lovers. With shows “My Vintage,” “The Friday Night Rock Show,” and “Live At…,” Vintage TV brings music fans closer to their favorite musicians and artists through exclusive interviews, performances, and more. On this episode of “Live With…” (a show that allows artists to showcase their music in their own way), Jon Allen performs 6 hand-picked songs from his catalog.

Jon Allen Vintage TV Live Session

Kicking off the performance with “Night & Day,” viewers are immediately enveloped by Deep River‘s moody and mesmerizing opening track. Allen’s live session offers fans insight into his music by introducing each performed track with either the meaning behind it, the inspiration behind it, or both.

The live session is split into two parts. Part one features the first three tracks from his (at that time) newest album Deep River. Part two features three songs from his previous albums Dead Man’s Suit and Sweet Defeat.


  1. Night and Day
  2. Falling Back
  3. Lady of the Water
  4. Joanna
  5. In Your Light
  6. Dead Man’s Suit

Check out the Vintage TV live session for yourself here!

Check out a more recent live session from the Blue Flame era here.

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