New Millenium Features Jon Allen’s New Album ‘Blue Flame’

New Millenium shares Jon Allen’s brand new album Blue Flame

Music site New Millenium recently featured Jon Allen’s newest album, Blue Flame.  His newest album is his fourth, and takes a new approach- fusing soul with his signature folk-rock sound.

Speaking towards the soul influences on the record, New Millenium wrote:

While all Jon’s previous albums contained soulful elements, his new album Blue Flamerepresents his first out-and-out soul record. It was the experience of immersing himself in the production and vibe of classic recordings of the sixties and seventies from iconic record labels such as Motown, Stax, Atlantic and Chess that made Allen think it would be great to bring more of that earthiness to his sound for Blue Flame’s recording sessions.

View Jon Allen’s feature on New Millenium here

OK!Good Records’ North American release of Blue Flame is out now on all digital music platforms and features an exclusive bonus track with the infectious song “You”. There will also be a limited-edition vinyl pressing of the album pressed by Allen’s own label, Monologue Records, with more details to come. 

new jon allen album blue flame

Purchase a copy of Blue Flame at the OK!Good Records shop here. 

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