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Jon Allen ‘Blue Flame’ Album Review by Just Listen To This

New Jon Allen ‘Blue Flame’ Album Review Praises Jon Allen’s Talent as a Musician and Songwriter

Music magazine Just Listen to This recently shared an in-depth Jon Allen ‘Blue Flame’ album review, the brand new record released by OK!Good Records in North America on Friday, May 18th, 2018.  Written by Pete Sargeant, the album review goes into detail on what makes tracks like “Jonah’s Whale”, “It’s Just The End of The World” and “Better Day” great works of music.  An avid listener of Pete Sargeant, he is familiar with what makes Jon Allen a stand-out singer-songwriter:

He has no urge to draw on histrionics, no wish to shout or over-emote. He does not adopt a cod-American accent. He does not play in a flashy way, just enough to put the songs over. Recording his voice requires no gimmicks or AutoTune. So all this puts him in the bracket of quality songwriters whose records you will still be enjoying years from now.

Starting off with “Jonah’s Whale”, the album’s lead single, Sargeant remarks on why the song’s unique formula makes it a great track:

In his vocal range, there is a Sting-in-the-right-key touch some of the time. The organ break is short, rich and creamy. This is Allen’s brand of soul, not aping Memphis acts but working with many familiar ingredients.

On “If You Change Your Mind”, Sargeant compares Allen to a world-renowned songwriter:

If You Change Your Mind. A truly gorgeous melody treads through this one and somehow the mood is a tad Randy Newman.

Lastly, the writer remarks how “Better Day” is an instant heartfelt classic in Allen’s discography:

Elemental acoustic and guitar make the soothing Better Day, a song of gentle comfort and optimism and I envy his ability to create such a soft but uplifting composition that will surely find its way into the hearts of many.

Read the review of ‘Blue Flame’ in full on Just Listen to This here.

OK!Good Records’ North American release of Blue Flame features an exclusive bonus track with the infectious, “You”. There will also be a limited-edition vinyl pressing of the album pressed by Allen’s own label, Monologue Records, with more details to come. 

new jon allen album blue flame

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