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VENTS Magazine Interviews Jon Allen

Jon Allen sits down with VENTS Magazine to discuss his upcoming album release

VENTS Magazine recently interviewed OK!Good Records artist Jon Allen to talk about his upcoming album Blue Flame, what inspired the record, touring plans and more.

jon allen blue flame vents magazine interview

Interviewed by RJ Frometa, Jon Allen went into detail about how Blue Flame came together.  Since the record will be Jon Allen’s newest in a long time, a lot of care went into curating what tracks would make the final cut:

How was the recording and writing process?

It has been four years, the longest period between records for me. I just fill up a hard drive of ideas on my computer over time. When I had about 20 songs, I sent the demos over to my producer Tristan.  We recorded the backing tracks live as a band at his home studio.

The two also discussed Jon Allen’s influences for this record:

What made you want to seek for a new direction for this record?

I was trying to cash in on the soul revival! Lucky for me I love soul music. Stevie Wonder, Bill Withers and Van Morrison were a huge inspiration to me growing up.

Read the review in full on VENTS Magazine here

After much anticipation, Jon Allen will be releasing his first studio album in four years on Friday, May 18th, 2018.  His new LP is titled Blue Flame, and his lead single “Jonah’s Whale” was released Friday, March 9th Blue Flame fuses Allen’s signature songwriting style with elements of soul and funk, often complimented by bold brass instruments.

Pre-order Blue Flame now on iTunes and Amazon, and receive “Jonah’s Whale” as aninstant gratification track.  You can also pre-order Blue Flame on CD in the OK!Good web-store or on Bandcamp. 

Jon Allen will be touring in the UK to support the release of Blue Flame. Click Here for more info and tickets.

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