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With a voice that is equal parts Rod Stewart, Van Morrison and Sam Cooke, British troubadour Jon Allen has an uncanny ability to write songs that feel instantly familiar. Originally discovered by Mark Knopfler in 2006, Allen broke onto the music scene with the single, “In Your Light” from his 2009 debut album Dead Man’s Suit, landing him a coveted spot on Later…with Jools Holland. Holland described how he first heard Jon on the radio and had to Shazam the track to find out who the singer was before insisting he was booked for the show. “It was one of the most amazing voices I’ve heard this year,” Holland explained.

In the last ten years Jon has carved out a niche as a recording artist and live performer supporting such acts as Damien RiceBrian MaySeal and Dionne Warwick whom he supported at the Albert Hall. His songs and distinctive voice can be heard across films/TV both in the United Kingdom and in America, including hit shows Homeland and Bones, and movies like The OrangesSave Haven and Army of One. He’s also written songs for artists like Petula ClarkeEngelbert Humperdinck and producer Guy Chambers.

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‘Listening to the radio on the bus to primary school in a sleepy village in Hampshire. That’s when pop music first hit me’.

The Devon born, raspy voiced singer-songwriter made an impression in the United States with the 2012 OK!Good release of his album, Sweet Defeat. Showing an impressive air of confidence and maturity in his songwriting, Sweet Defeat seamlessly transitions from solo acoustic, finger picked songs to upbeat and instantly memorable band anthems.

In 2014, Allen released his highly anticipated album, Deep River on July 8th via OK!Good Records. Deep River sees Allen paying tribute to great tunes of the past; mixing catchy Sixties-inflected rock, soul, and country blues. Featuring the stand-out single, “Night & Day,” the album finds Jon Allen channeling his wide range of influences with songs covering relationships, moving on, and finding oneself.

Allen released his fourth studio album, Blue Flame, in 2018, developing his folk-rock driven sound into a more blue eyed soul approach. While all of Allen’s previous albums contained soulful elements, Blue Flame represents the singer’s first out-and-out soul record, bringing a soulful confection of feel-good tunes delivered with Allen’s inimitable whisky-soaked voice.

“I wrote this album to try and cheer myself up. My three previous albums were much more downbeat, so I figured with this record we could all do with a pick-me-up!” – Jon Allen

His latest release is the 2021 ‘…meanwhile’ is the perfect blend of his acclaimed output as a songwriter, and very much a product of the times we’re living in with introspective and emotional lyrics.

Due to lockdown restrictions most of the new album was recorded at home, with Jon performing a majority of the instruments along with producing the entire album himself. “Like everybody else in these time I feel as if we have all been through a gamut of emotions, I think this record reflects that,” states Jon. Songs like “Western Shore”, “Can’t Hold Back The Sun” and “Hold On” were written at the height of lock down and reflect the hopes, anxieties and frustrations of that moment.

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Jon Allen - Blue Flame
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