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YourMusicBlog Calls Weapons of Anew’s Debut “Powerful and Melodic” in Album Review

Music news and review site YourMusicBlog has released a review of Weapons of Anew ‘s new debut album, The Collision of Love and Hate. YourMusicBlog’s writer, Peter praised the album’s songwriting, as the newly formed band creates a unique blend of modern metal and hard-hitting alternative rock.

“Yes, from first track “Killshot” to closer “Undone,” the band deliver an energetic bunch of songs that are filled to the brim with killer riffs, breaks and flashing solos. Seems they were not out to take prisoners as they fire on all cylinders from the go.”

Peter highlights the band’s vocals, provided by front-man Ray West, which help to set the band apart from their contemporaries as they create songs that are both “powerful and melodic.”

 “I never felt overpowered by a wall of sound. The songs still have room to breathe. Part of that I contribute to the singing, which, as I already mentioned, is for the larger part very melodic. The other reason will be that there is enough variation in approach and arrangements.”

Click here to read the full album review on YourMusicBlog.

Weapons of Anew’s debut, The Collision of Love and Hate is available now on OK!Good Records. Pick up a CD copy in our web-store, on Amazon, or find the album on iTunes, Spotify & Bandcamp.

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