Engelbert on BBC Radio 6 with Shaun Keaveny

BBC Radio 6’s Shaun Keaveny Interviews Engelbert Humperdinck

This week Engelbert Humperdinck stopped by the BBC Radio 6 Studios to chat with Shaun Keaveny about the release of his new album, ‘The Man I Want to Be,’ and his celebration of 50 years in show business.

“I’m pinching myself a bit, because I can’t really believe it. I got a note through the other day – ‘Engelbert Humperdinck is coming in for an interview‘ – and I thought, that won’t happen. Unlikely. But there you are!” – Shaun Keaveny

Keaveny spoke with Humperdinck about the early days of his career, and how he’s managed to stay in the very difficult business of music for 50 years. Humperdinck’s 50th Anniversary Tour is in honor of release of his breakout hit, “Release Me” in early 1967, which kept The Beatles “Penny Lane” from the top slot in the UK and stopped the super-group from their 13th #1 Single.

The two went on to discuss the track-list choices from Humperdinck’s new album, his love for his hometown of Leicester, and his friendship with Elvis Presley.

“I must tell you. I know there has been a lot of chat about the sideburns, you know. But the sideburns… I was the first, and then he (Elvis) took it.” – Engelbert Humperdinck

Click the player below to listen to the full interview on the BBC Radio website. Interview starts at [2:07:33] into the program:

Engelbert on BBC Radio 6 with Shaun Keaveny 2

Humperdinck’s new album, ‘The Man I Want To Be’ is available now on OK!Good Records. You can order the CD along with a limited edition Signed Copies and Bundles in the OK!Good Records Shop. The album is also available on AmazoniTunes, SpotifyGoogle Play, Barnes & Noble and at music retailers worldwide.

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