Villages-News Reviews Engelbert Humperdinck’s Performance at The Sharon

International music legend Engelbert Humperdinck performed at The Sharon this past Wednesday night, January 13th, and received a rave review from Villages-News who was there to capture all the fun! The Villages-News headline read, “Engelbert Humperdinck at 79 shows he’s still got what the ladies love.” Throughout the 75-minute concert, you could hear female screams of delight, along with hooting, whistling, and hollering. Just like the old days.

“His voice is just fabulous and he looks great; close your eyes and you feel like you’re back in 1967,” Puleo said. Midway through the concert, she raced to the front of the stage to present Engelbert with roses. The singer smiled and gave her a kiss. “Awesome,” she said. Gorby once shared another intimate public moment with Engelbert back in 1985.  He called her up to a Las Vegas stage and sang a love song to her. She carried an 8 by 10 picture of that moment to The Sharon. “I was an Engelbert groupie and I still think he is the sexiest voice alive,” Gorby said. “With Engelbert, it’s not about age; it’s about his talent, personality and sex appeal. He’s still got it.”

Humperdinck opened the show with a few of his romantic ballads including, “Another Time, Another Place,” Am I That Easy to Forget,” and “After the Lovin.” On tour, the music legend is accompanied by a “young, tight seven-piece band, and a two, dynamic female backup singers. All of them gave a jolt of energy to the music and the stage show.”

At one point, Engelbert pulled out his cellphone to take selfie with a fan. An elderly woman was helped to the side of the stage but couldn’t get on the stage. So Engelbert came over and lay down on his back so he could get his face next to the woman. The crowd gave that act an ovation.

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  1. Estelle de laurentis - January 15, 2016 1:03 pm

    The man is truly a class act love him to no end. His performance is truly the greatest and i hope to see him this year again

  2. joanne parker - October 26, 2016 4:07 pm

    I’ve listened to Engelbert Humperdinck since I was a child in the sixties and seventies. His songs bring back wonderful memories for me. I love his voice and music and believe he is one of the greatest singers of all time. I hope I can eventually get to one of his live performances. I just love him!!

  3. Peggy Densmore - June 15, 2017 3:37 pm

    I was at this show. He is amazing, beautiful voice, great entertainer. Wish he would perform at the Sharon again this year.


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