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Alex Hart LiveAlex Hart recently did an interview with We Close Tonight, in which she discussed many topics ranging from who inspires her to what she hopes to achieve with her music. This interview gave readers and fans a greater look into who Alex Hart truly is.

Why did you start making music? Who were your first great inspirations?
I first started making music at the age of 7 when my grandfather gave me his mother’s Violin to play. I really wanted to learn the Flute but because I had braces at the time I thought I’d find it harder to play. I had great rhythm at school and loved to write poems and sing in front of my class mates. At that age I loved general pop music, The Spice Girls etc.. I then progressed to acoustic artists like KT Tunstall and Sheryl Crow and when I started secondary school a teacher introduced me to Doris Day which opened up another world completely for me. Not long after I discovered Stevie Wonder and Paul Simon and wow, the list goes on!

What made you decide to perform as a solo artist? Do you prefer being in complete control of your music?
I have been in bands all my life, personally I prefer being in a band but it’s always been easier for me to make a living on my own. It’s been great because I have learnt so much along the way already, I am in control of my music when I’m alone but I prefer the way my music sounds when I play with other people. I’ve been a solo artist for a few years now and it can be quite a lonely place. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people and has given me a lot more confidence in myself as a person.

Like many people, Alex Hart believes there is no rule book for the music industry, which ultimately makes it so hard for aspiring artists to be heard. Alex’s best advice is that promotion is so important to get your career moving. It is important to play as many shows as you possibly can to get your name out there.

What does music mean to you?
Music is everything to me. It always has been. We’ve had quite a relationship so far, sometimes its good and sometimes it’s really hard but I know that I’ve only got one chance to try and make a good and fun career doing what I love and what makes me happy. Even through the struggle sometimes I always push on and know that I’m so lucky to be doing something that I want to do with my life.

What are you hoping to achieve with your music?
I would just like to be successful, have a long lasting career in music. It doesn’t matter how big, I would just like to experience playing in lovely venues and sharing my music with others.

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