Dovetail Chevy Music Showcase

Watch Dovetail’s Chevy Music Showcase Episode

Dovetail Chevy Music Showcase
Last night Dovetail‘s episode on Season 3 of the North Texas Chevy Music Showcase aired during Jimmy Kimmel Live! (WFAA/ABC). You can watch Dovetail’s showcase at which features an interview with The Fox and the Bird and a live performance of their new song “2 Lane Roads.”

The band’s episode will be airing again on TV Saturday, December 13 during Entertainment Tonight.

The North Texas Chevy Music Showcase is an online community and short form documentary TV series dedicated to highlighting the best of the North Texas music scene. For more information on Season 3’s features artists visit:

Dovetail’s debut album, Mount Karma is available for purchase in our webstoreiTunes and Bandcamp.

Follow Dovetail on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with their latest news and live dates. @dovetailtheband

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