Dovetail Interviewed By Scene Point Blank

Dovetail Interview Scene Point Blank

Dovetail has been interviewed by Scene Point Blank in their new “One Question Interview” section! Here’s what they had to say:

SPB: Who is your favorite 1960s band or artist?

Philip: The Beatles reign supreme in my ‘60s catalog. For records like Rubber Soul, The Beatles, and for obvious reasons. I feel they were the best band, though I’d probably say Gram Parsons is equally my favorite artist from the ‘60s.

Andrew: The Beatles. Their belief and conviction in their music was strong enough to change generations with their music. Outside of the music influence, I feel this is one of the biggest influences in Dovetail. Every member truly believes in what we are doing, which is to create honest music.

Aaron: My favorite record of all time came out in 1959. Kind of Blue by Miles Davis. This record taught me the power of creating and using space in music and showed me that even the casual listener could enjoy being challenged. Though not stylistically similar, I write my parts in Dovetail based on what this record taught me.

You can check out the full section here to take a look at answers from other greats like The Stooges and The Copyrights here, and be sure to download your copy of Dovetail’s debut album, “Mount Karma,” on sale for $5, here!

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