The Windupdeads

The Windupdeads formed in 2007 and released their self-titled debut album in October 2008. The song Reverse of Shade gained attention through the television series Gossip Girl. The band also had two songs placed in the TV series Kyle X/Y and the song Substitutes off the newest album was featured on Season 7 of the TV show One Tree Hill.

The Windupdeads consist of Rickard (lead vocals, guitar), Marcus (guitar), Jonas (Bass) and Fredda (Drums). The band released their second album, Army Of Invisible Men, in January of 2011 on OK! Good. “We have really gone through hell and back making this album and it turned out to be a more personal album then the first one. Now we can’t wait to get on the road and meet the audience,” says Rickard, who also recorded his solo album recently for an upcoming OK! Good release and performed guest vocals for the song I Will Follow You on Schiller’s most recent album, Breathless. The new ten song album reflects more of the band members different backgrounds in music. You can hear a little bit of Suede, The Who, Bowie, Radiohead and Muse combined with a modern electronic sound, all tied together by Rickard’s voice. “We are very happy with the result! You will definitely recognize our style in songwriting, but I think we have taken a leap forward on the sound and production on this one,” says Marcus. Petter Ingman recently decided to leave the band with Marcus taking his place on the guitar. “We are still good friends with Petter and we wish him all the best in the future,” says Marcus. The new member Fredda has replaced Marcus on the drums. “Fredda has really brought new energy into the band and it will be a lot of fun taking him out on tour!,” says Jonas.

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