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Janet Devlin is gold and glittering in her new music video for Honest Men!

Janet Devlin releases a bold, new music video for her new single, “Honest Men”

Irish songstress, Janet Devlin, released her new music video for her sobering anti-ballad, “Honest Men”, on January 14th. Directed again by Katia Ganfeld and shot by The Wood Brothers (Ivan and Timothy Wood), the team brought to life a gold and glittering visual for the ominous single.

Janet uses religious, historic, and cinematic imagery to convey the feeling of being used for other people’s needs and desires. The video opens with Janet fully painted in gold and glitter, which Janet regards is,

“[A] nod to the worship of the golden calf which today is a metaphor more widely used to symbolize a thirst and drive for money”

Janet Devlin – Honest Men (Official Music Video)

Janet also references the philosopher Diogenes– who was known for shining his lantern in the face of passersby, claiming he was searching for honest men– with a large flickering light bulb that is her only source of light in the dark rom. The flickering light bulb alludes to Janet’s search for honest men, like Diogenes, while feeling like she is only perceived as a golden calf—a source of money or desire for those she encounters.

Additionally, the video heavily references a scene for the 1999 film American Beauty, where Janet is seen lying on velvet surrounded by white flower petals, which often symbolize purity and innocence. The film itself tackles themes of obsession and desire, and the scene that “Honest Men” is alluding to in particular refers to a man’s fantasy about a young girl. In the context of both the track and the video, the shots of Janet in a bed of flower petals can be seen as Janet feeling like a fantasy of desire for the dishonest men she encounters. There are moments in the video where the lighting changes to red, alluding to the purity of the fantasy being tainted, and can be seen as a references the lyrics:

“My soul wasn’t enough
You said you wanted all
You wanted blood”

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Janet Devlin’s sobering anti-ballad, “Honest Men” was released on January 10th on OK!Good Records and is available to stream and download on all streaming platforms. The record is her third single from her upcoming concept album, “Confessional”, following the 2019 releases, “Confessional”, and “Saint of the Sinners”. These singles set the stage and narratively introduce the themes that will be explored in the album and accompanying book, which are set for release in the spring of 2020.

Janet Devlin - Honest Men - Cover Art

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