“Keeping Christmas” Featured on Stubby’s House of Christmas

New York based singer-songwriter Carly Jamison released her brand new holiday single “Keeping Christmas” last month. It has now been featured on Christmas music blog, Stubby’s House of Christmas. Check what Stuby’s House of Christmas has to say about “Keeping Christmas” below, but be sure to head over to StubbysChristmas.com for more great holiday music!

Now the other new tune borrowing a page from the T-Rex playbook is one we told you about before it was released and, thus, we had no audio to share (oh, yeah, that formatting monster has been busy screwing up the whole website).Carly Jamison’s “Keeping Christmas”is a good enough song for us to remind you to pick it up before the season’s over. And, now, we’ve got sound!

You can find Carly’s“Keeping Christmas”on Bandcamp, Amazon and wherever fine downloads are sold. Be sure to check out her other Christmas singles from Christmas Past, if you don’t already have them. By the way, have you seen Carly’s blog? It’s like she sees all. She knows when I’m posting about her practically before I do. Hey, you don’t suppose she’s…..Santa?

For more from Stubby’s House of Christmas, visit: stubbyschristmas.com 

You can purchase Carly Jamison’s new single “Keeping Christmas” on Amazon, Bandcamp, and iTunes. Stream the single on SoundCloud and Spotify.
For more info visit http://www.carlyjamison.com

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