Donots are Ingo Donot (vocals), Guido Donot (guitar), Alex Donot (guitar), JD Donot (bass), and Eike Donot (drums).

Donots are friends and brothers – not only in spirit, but in reality. Though lead singer Ingo and guitarist Guido are the only blood brothers in the band, together with guitarist Alex, bassist JD, and drummer Eike, they make up the Donots family. For the 15 years they have been together, the band has evolved both musically and personally. The name Donots stands for “Do Nothing,” a philosophy held by the band, who is always about keeping it real and keeping the corporate manufactured sound out of their music.

Founded in 1993, the band has made a name for themselves as one of the top punk bands not only in Germany, but throughout Europe. Well respected in the international punk community, DONOTS were invited by Green Day to play with them on all German dates of the Green Day Tour 2010. They have also shared stages with the likes of Blink 182 , The Hives , Sum 41 , Iggy Pop , NoFX , The Offspring , Weezer , Linkin Park , Anti-Flag , Jimmy Eat World , The Cure and many others.

American fans may be most familiar with DONOTS’ music via placement in several popular video game sound tracks, such as MVP Baseball 2005, Burnout 3 and Need For Speed: Underground Rivals. Not to be content with success at home, DONOTS now continue to expand their punk prowess into other countries with their latest release entitled “Wake The Dogs” – the band’s ninth studio album overall and second to be released in the US. The US edition of “Wake The Dogs” features 14 new songs from the punk-veterans, plus 2 additional bonus tracks not included in the original German release.

You can also stream/purchase Wake The Dogs right now by click on the artwork below.

Donots - Wake The Dogs

Donots – Wake The Dogs


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