Paper Aeroplanes Wows Crowd At US Debut

With just two guitars, an occasional mandolin, and Sarah Howells’ gorgeous voice, Paper Aeroplanes wowed the crowd last night, as they made their American debut at New Jersey’s Mexicali Live.

“The first show in America was really perfect, actually,” Howells said. “It was a really nice crowd and I think we managed to get people’s attention and captivate the room. There was great sound and a great atmosphere, so all-in-all we really enjoyed it.”

Howells and bandmate Richard Llewellyn will perform two more shows in New York City this week before heading back to London.

“I’m hoping for more of the same for New York,” said Howells. “After tonight we’re really looking forward to our NYC debut and playing more shows for our American fans.”

The native-Welsh duo is performing acoustic interpretations of tracks from their debut album, “The Day We Ran Into the Sea,” released this month on OK!Good Records. The album is a mixture of folk and acoustic elements laced with electric guitars and Celtic undertones (contributed to by producer Jon Reynolds, who’s worked with the likes of Sinead O’Connor). The album also features sonic contributions from Head (PJ Harvey), John Reynolds (Sinead O’Conner, Belinda Carlisle) and Matt Prime (Will Young, Kelly Clarkson, Natalie Imbruglia). Each song has a commercial pop sensibility topped off with poignant lyrics and Howells’ haunting ‘one of a kind’ voice.

You can purchase The Day We Ran Into The Sea here:

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