Janet Devlin speaks to Sunday World Magazine about her upcoming album, Confessional

Sunday World Magazine interviews Janet Devlin about the stories explored in her upcoming album, Confessional

Irish singer-songwriter Janet Devlin recently revealed the cover art and release date for her highly anticipated forthcoming album, Confessional, which will be released on June 5, 2020. She spoke to Roisin Gorman of Sunday World Magazine about some of the stories she will be sharing in, “My Confessional”, her autobiographical book which will be accompanying her album, and will be exploring the themes of Confessional in greater detail.

Both the book and the album detail Janet’s life before her X Factor appearance, and dive into dark and personal moments, which include struggles with her mental health and the difficulties of life after TV Fame. Janet elaborates by saying “[X Factor] opens doors but it sure as hell closes a few”.

She describes the transition from the X Factor arena tour to smaller, more intimate gigs,

“On my first tour on my own I was carrying a show for one and a half hours…I had to learn about being comfortable and talking to the audience and understanding that people had come from far and wide and get babysitters and you don’t want to take that for granted.”

Regarding her upcoming album and book, Janet simply hopes that people are willing to listen and read the work that she put into the project. She finishes the interview by saying,

“I’m just working as hard as I can to get as far as I can”

Janet Devlin’s sophomore album, Confessional, is now available for digital pre-order on SpotifyAmazonApple MusicGoogle Play, and iTunes, and is set for release on June 5, 2020, alongside her autobiographical book, My Confessional. Since 2019 she has released three singles from the album (“Confessional”, “Saint of the Sinners”, and “Honest Men”) which have set the stage and narratively introduce the themes that will be explored further in the body of work.

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Listen to Janet Devlin’s singles from her upcoming album, Confessional, including “Confessional”“Saint of the Sinners”, and “Honest Men”:

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