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Daily Mail Catches up with Engelbert Humperdinck

Daily Mail sits down for an interview with Engelbert Humperdinck, who spoke about keeping fit for touring, finding a cure for Alzheimer’s, and Warmest Christmas Wishes

Engelbert Humperdinck recently caught up with the Daily Mail in a brand new interview.  The in-depth interview caught Daily Mail’s readers up to speed on Engelbert’s personal life and music career.  The OK!Good Records artist has been enjoying a prosperous singing career well throughout the better part of his life, and taking care of his family.  Recently, he debuted his first Christmas album in nearly forty years, Warmest Christmas Wishes, on OK!Good Records Friday, October 12th.  Writer Lina Das confidently shared that his newest record “is proof that Engelbert’s honeyed vocals, like the man himself, are still going very strong.”

Complimenting Engelbert on his great shape at such an old age, Engelbert revealed to Das how he stays healthy:

DAILY MAIL: Now 82, he could pass for a good couple of decades younger, courtesy of that trademark lushly coiffed hair (‘I’ve been dyeing it since my 20s, but it’s still all mine,’ he says, giving it a sharp tug) and a newly-honed physique.

He [says he] has a new Christmas album coming out, ‘and I also recently filmed a special in Hawaii, so I decided to lose some weight.’

EH: “I’ve been drinking shakes, working out in my gym and spending half an hour in my sauna. I’ve lost two stone. I also lie on my deck to get a tan, but I don’t use regular suntan lotion – I use a mixture of olive oil and vinegar.”

daily mail engelbert humperdinck

While he works to keep himself in shape, he also works twice as hard to take care of his wife Patricia, who currently suffers from Alzheimer’s:

EH: “…But we’re doing everything we can to help her. I have acupuncturists see her, as well as my regular doctor, who’s wonderful. I also have people from the holistic world and I’ve taken her to see healers. I want her to see everybody because I think it’s important to investigate every avenue. Somebody will touch that nerve that will help cure her. That’s what I’m looking for and I’ll search until I find it.”

In awe of Engelbert’s strength, they discussed the subject of his retirement:

EH: “People always ask me when I’m going to retire, and I say, “What for?” As long as I have a career and a following, why should I stop? The best feeling I get is when I walk on stage. And,’ he adds, ‘I’ll keep going until God calls me.”

Read Engelbert Humperdinck’s full interview here.

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