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Jimi Hendrix Once Filled-In for Engelbert Humperdinck

Engelbert Humperdinck shares the story of Jimi Hendrix playing guitar for him in a new interview

In a new article written by Ron Onesti for the Daily Herald, the writer and owner of The Arcadia Theater shared some fond memories and admiration for his friend and legendary artist Engelbert Humperdinck.  Engelbert Humperdinck performed at The Arcadia Theater on Sunday, April 22nd.

jimi hendrix engelbert humperdinck ron onesti daily herald

Ron Onesti recalled the time when Engelbert Humperdinck was last in town, backstage at The Arcadia.  Catching Engelbert glancing at a painting of Jimi Hendrix backstage at the Arcadia, Onesti asked Engelbert if he had known the famous rock n’ roll guitarist.  A long time ago, Engelbert recalled a time that Jimi Hendrix shared a bill with him, a night when one of Enge’s guitarists fell ill:

“My guitar player got sick and could not perform. Jimi offered to step in, but he had just come out with ‘Purple Haze’ and his stardom would have disrupted our show, I felt. So he played behind a curtain! It sounded like three guitars were playing! It was incredible, and nobody knew about it.”

Onesti went on to share that Engelbert Humperdinck’s tour is not one to miss. The show is filled with classic Engelbert Humperdinck hits, and video tributes to his career.  While Engelbert Humperdinck gives show-stopping performances, he also delivers some humor, joking to the audience that he has “quit drinking” before toasting to the audience with a glass of Bordeaux on stage.

Read this feature article about Engelbert Humperdinck by Ron Onesti at the Daily Herald here.

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