Cow Girlz Entertainment’s Interview with Weapons of Anew Vocalist Ray West

Last month, Weapons of Anew released their debut album, ‘The Collision of Love and Hate.’ The album has been receiving rave reviews. Vocalist Ray West recently caught up with CowGirlz Entertainment to discuss how the band came about, the debut album, and more. Check out some of the interview below:

Do you feel music in general has rules or more like guidelines? 

Ray West: I think creating Rock music, has always been about not having to follow rules, or guidelines, that’s the rebellious nature of it. I think if you start worrying about rules, or following guidelines, you  will never allow yourself to make mistakes. And you have to be allowed to make mistakes. At least a few anyway. (laughed)

Studio time is important, but how much of the process does Weapons Of Anew put in prior to entering a studio? 

Ray West: It’s very important…We put in quite a lot of work beforehand to be able to lock on fresh ideas “Total Catharsis,” total honesty here, sometimes the guys will work out some riff ideas that they think are cool, and I come in and start changing things around. I can sometimes be a pain in the ass.

For this album, The Collision of Love and Hate, talk about its production and progression of the songs development.

Ray West: Each Song came about organically. We actually decided to make an album on our way to finishing our demo … listening to some playback Freddy says “Ya know what, this stuff sounds good, let’s just keep going,”  So while the gear was up we wrote in the studio and said let’s make the album. Then we brought Murphy in to help us produce it. He was like an extra band member in the studio . He helped us define our parts. We had some battles, but we got through them with a finished record.

Is this album more of a complete story that ties into itself or does each single you feel stand on its own?

Ray West: On this album I think each song stands on its own.

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Weapons of Anew’s debut album is currently available for digital purchase on iTunesGoogle PlayAmazon, and Bandcamp. It is available on all major streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music ‘The Collision of Love and Hate’ will be available for physical purchase at music retailers nationwide on Friday, November 3rd. Physical copies will be available at all Weapons of Anew tour dates.

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