Four Culture Reviews Janet Devlin's Running With Scissors

Four Culture Magazine Reviews Janet Devlin’s ‘Running With Scissors’

Four Culture Magazine recently reviewed Janet Devlin’s Running With Scissorswhich debuted in North America this week on OK!Good Records. Four Culture eloquently summarizes Running With Scissors and what it stands for:

Running With Scissors is a refreshing and soulful album about growing up, striking out on your own, getting your hopes dashed and your heart broken, and trying again; the polished, restrained production has strings, rolling percussion, and acoustic guitars that compliment, but never overpower Devlin’s vocals.

Throughout the review, Four Culture highlighted some of the albums best moments:

Tracks such as the first single off the album, “House of Cards,” as well as “Hide and Seek” tackle the serious subjects of heartbreak and unrequited love, but set them to toe-tapping, cheerful melodies. While on the airy, sweet, and upbeat sounding “Lifeboat,” Devlin sings about learning the difficult, and often painful lesson that just because you fall down doesn’t necessarily mean you’re broken; that you are strong enough to pick yourself up and try again.

Click Here to read Four Culture’s full review.

Running With Scissors is now available for purchase on iTunesAmazon, Google Play and our webstore. The album is also streaming on Spotify and Bandcamp. Be sure to check out our exclusive Janet Devlin merchandise in our webstore.

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