The New Fury Reviews Weapons of Anew’s Performance at Voodoo Lounge

The New Fury has reviewed Weapons of Anew‘s performance that took place in Kansas City at the sold out Voodoo Lounge. Weapons of Anew’s performance took place alongside Nonpoint and Alter Bridge as part of The Last Hero Tour. Check out The New Fury’s review of Weapons of Anew’ performance below, and be sure to visit for the entire review of the show.

Friday was an evening of relief from the wintry mix that has been Kansas City; a relief appreciated as fans lined up around Harrah’s Casino to catch the band of rock/metal nomads known as Alter Bridge.

The venue, Voodoo Lounge, was sold out at their capacity of around 1100. The line was being granted entry at 20-30 people at a time, creating a traffic jam that caused panic for some as they tried to talk their way into the venue prematurely.

As 7:15pm approached, the first band was taking stage. Weapons of Anew showed a familiar yet tenacious grasp on the crowd as they engaged the audience with a melodic abundance of vocal lines and instrumental grooves. Their set was roughly 25-30 minutes long, and they used every minute to their advantage as an opening act. The group seemed to grab the attention of the crowd in a fairly positive tone, leaving a feeling of optimism for the night.

Watch the music video for Weapons of Anew’s debut single “Killshot” below:

Weapon of Anew’s debut single “Killshot” is available via for digital purchase on iTunesBandcamp and the OK!Good Shop. The track is also streaming on Spotify and SoundCloud.

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