Listen to Janet Devlin’s Valentine’s Day Jingle

In case you didn’t’s Valentine’s Day! Irish singer-songwriter Janet Devlin has treated us all to a great Valentine’s Day jingle! This jingle is absolutely perfect. Whether you love Valentine’s Day or hate it, you will absolutely love Janet’s little tune! Watch Janet perform her original Valentine’s Day song below. Be sure to subscribe to her YouTube Channel for more performance videos, vlogs and more!

Watch Janet Devlin’s “Valentine’s Song -Original Song” below:

Janet Devlin’s single ‘Outernet Song’ is available for digital purchase on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and Bandcamp. It is also available for physical purchase in Janet’s online shop, where you can also purchase exclusive ‘Outernet Song’ merchandise. Stream the single on Spotify.

Janet Devlin and Jason Nevins’ “Outernet Song (Remix)” is available for pre-order on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. It is also available to stream on SoundCloud and Apple Music. The official release date is Friday, January 20, 2017.

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