Janet Devlin’s Interview With The Music Obsession

Janet Devlin has been featured on The Music Obsession for her recent interview with the music blog. Janet spoke with The Music Obsession about her debut album Running With Scissors, as well as The X-Factor, social media, and living out her dreams.

Ideally, what would you like listeners to get from the album? Is there a certain feeling or message you wanted to share?
Every song has a different message in it. I ‘spose you’ll find whatever you’re looking for in it. If you’ve ended a relationship recently, there’s a couple of songs on there for you, if you’re struggling with life there’s a couple of songs in there for you, and growing up songs and coming to terms songs..  so I feel there’s a lot of something in there for everybody. And even some upbeat happy-go-lucky trippy songs to drink to. [laughs]


What was one major thing that you learned from that whole X-Factor experience?
I was only 16 when it happened. I was in school and stuff so it taught me kind of how to stand up for myself even though I was quite shy and reserved,  that if someone is trying to change you you’ve just gotta stand up and just say ‘no.’

You seem to have a really great presence on social media. Has that helped you connect with fans while you’re traveling? 
I’m pretty much on all social media: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and stuff. It’s great to be able to directly contact fans and for them to be able to directly contact me. It’s really cool and that’s probably why I’m so proactive on it. I get to reach people that I wouldn’t necessarily get to reach and I do these gigs online that are streamed worldwide. I try to do 2 gigs whenever I do it and I suspect different time zones so people from around the world can choose whenever to watch a gig they wouldn’t necessarily see, so that’s probably my favorite thing about social media is those gigs.
 Janet ended the interview with a nice message for the fans. “Thank you to anyone who has actually taken the time out to listen to the record. That’s the really important thing because they don’t have to listen. A lot of them didn’t even have to buy it, you know what I mean? So it’s really cool that they’re so supportive, especially over here in the states – everyone’s being so nice so I hope that continues.”


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Check out The Music Obsession’s full interview by clicking here

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