Janet Devlin’s Exclusive Interview With Inclusive Networks

Singer-songwriter Janet Devlin recently spoke with Inclusive Networks, in which she discussed her debut album Running With Scissors, her role models, and plans for her future. You can read segments from the interview below, but make sure you visit InclusiveNetworks.co.uk to read the full interview.

For anyone who hasn’t heard the album yet, how would you describe it? Is there a track that means more to you?
The album itself doesn’t have a specific genre per say because I built the sounds around what the song itself was trying to say. The common thread within the album is the fact that lyrically it all come from my journals. I tend to write my diary entries in poem form so that I have lyrics already written in their skeletal form. The fan reaction was so much more positive than I could have ever anticipated! They seemed to enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. The song that means the most to me would have to be ‘Whiskey Lullabies’. It’s such a personal song and I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to write it, but I’m glad I did because it’s my favourite and also a fan favourite too.

Who were your musical role models when you were growing up?

The Red Hot Chili Peppers – I grew up listening to their music as a child and it just seemed to carry into my teenage years also. I love funky guitar rhythms and bass lines but I also love rock so this band just suited me down to the ground. Anthony’s not hard on the eye either which always helps.

City and Colour – I discovered Dallas when I was around 14. I adored his poetic lyrical style and his amazing tone. He inspired me to write honest lyrics that also tell a story of my life.

Paramore – I went to see Paramore when I was eleven. It was my first ever gig and I’ll never forget it. Not only are their songs great and heartfelt, I also really loved the fact that they have a female front women. As a child growing up I really wanted to be in a rock band so that gave me hope to become a female in the music industry.

Fans are all waiting to hear what Janet has in store for them for the future. Here is what Janet has to say about the future and her upcoming music:

We hear you’re about to hit the studio to record new music. Can you let us in on what we expect from your new album, or even EP?
I’m currently in the studio right now working on a Christmas EP which is funny because it’s April. Although I’m in writing mode at the minute for my next album, which is really exciting because I’m working with some super talented people which makes me work even harder. I’ve no idea who the final team will be for the next album as I haven’t actually finished writing it so I’m unsure as to what the sound is just yet. There will be some live dates around Autumn time – I’m putting plans together for US, UK and Ireland gigs.

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