New Slang Reviews Dovetail’s Performance at The Blue Light Live

Dovetail performed at The Blue Light Live on March 6th, and New Slang was there to cover all the action. New Slang gave a great review of Dovetail’s performance and also took some awesome photos of the band. You can read the review below, or you can check it out on

Midway through Dovetail’s opening set, I heard whispers of “Hmm…I think I like Dovetail more…I don’t know how Jonathan Tyler can do better than that tonight.” You really couldn’t blame them either. For most of the crowd, it was the first time hearing the “Holy Shit” harmonies of the band. Their debut Mount Karma captured those harmonies, but like with anything that great and precise, you’re naturally hesitant to believe they’re going to be able to do it in a live setting. It’s normal to think so because you’ve been let down by inferior talent in the past.

Dovetail, it’s not the case.

I’d describe the harmonies of Dovetail as a dog whistle. If you’ve ever seen a dog respond to a dog whistle, you know they do the sudden head jerk to that direction. Phillip Creamer and company begin singing and bar stools begin to turn. Wallflowers approach. Mobs form.

Dovetail’s debut album, Mount Karma is available for purchase in our webstoreiTunes and Bandcamp.

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