Janet Devlin's Interview with Idolator

Idolator Talks With Janet Devlin About Her US Debut

In anticipation of her US debut, Idolator interviewed Janet Devlin about Running With Scissors, out now via OK!Good Records, and some highlights of her career thus far.  When asked about the slightly gloomy tone of each song on the album, Janet had this to say:

Running With Scissors is a very beautiful album, but even on the more upbeat songs, there’s definitely a melancholy vein running through. Is that reflective of who you are?
JD: I don’t mean to be. For me, personally, I have a lot more adjectives for sad things than I do for positive things. It’s also a lot easier to write when I’m sad because I’m probably in my house, on my sofa, with my notebooks beside me.

Janet has covered many songs, even putting out an EP of cover songs named Duvet Daze, and was asked who she wanted to put their own spin on one of her songs.

Who would you love to cover one of your songs?
JD: There’s so many! I’d love to hear Ed Sheeran cover one of my songs. He’d own it though — he’d make me look bad. So maybe not Ed Sheeran. [Laughs]

To read what else Janet had to say about Running With Scissors, her experience on the X Factor UK, and her love of cartoons, check out the full interview on Idolator by clicking here.

You can purchase Running With Scissors on iTunes, Amazon and at the OK!Good Records web-store.  You can also stream the album on Spotify and Bandcamp.  For Janet Devlin merchandise, the OK!Good Records web-store now has exclusive merchandise available for purchase today.

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