Carly Jamison’s “I’m Getting a Ukulele For Christmas” Featured on

Carly Jamison’s “I’m Getting a Ukulele For Christmas” has been featured in an article for The Week titled “Why The Mighty Ukulele Deserves a Little Respect.” The article discusses how the ukulele has been making a come back in 2014. “It may not 2014’s hottest Christmas gift, but most starter ukuleles cost considerably less than the Disney Frozen & Ice Palace Playset, and there’s a decent chance you or somebody you know will get one this year.”

The best distillation of the ukulele’s status in today’s musical hierarchy might just be this new song from Carly Jamison. “I’m getting a ukulele for Christmas, it looks just like a miniature guitar,” she sings. “I don’t know how to play it, from what everybody’s saying, it really isn’t very hard.”

The article goes into great detail about the origin of ukuleles, how it arrived in the United States, and sales data. Carly Jamison’s hit “I’m Getting a Ukulele For Christmas” may have helped increase the ukulele sales this Christmas. Carly’s video for “I’m Getting a Ukulele For Christmas” is also featured in the article.

The Week describes themselves as providing you with  “all you need to know about everything that matters.” Check out the article here:

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