Watch Hafdis Huld’s Christmas Concert on YouTube

Did you miss Hafdis Huld’s Christmas concert this past Sunday? In case you did, you can watch the whole performance on her YouTube Channel.  You can watch Hafdis perform songs off her latest album, Home, as well as a mix of Christmas songs.  The performance took place in her infamous “pink house” in Iceland, which provided a very intimate setting.

Hafdis was joined by guitarist Alisdair, and at times her daughter made a guest appearance. During the performance, Hafdis told stories and joked around, which let the viewers get a real feel for her personality.

You can watch Hafdis’ full performance HERE. Make sure you check out her album Home, available for purchase in the OK!Good web-store, as well as iTunes, Amazon, and Bandcamp.

You can check out Hafdis Huld’s YouTube channel at:

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