Hafdis Huld - Lucky (Glastrophobie Remix) on iTunes

Hafdis Huld – “Lucky” (Glastrophobie Remix) Now Available on iTunes

Hafdis Huld - Lucky (Glastrophobie Remix) on iTunesAfter premiering on Surviving the Golden Age, hitting #1 & #3 on the Hype Machine Remix and Popular Chart respectively, and over 100,000 plays in less than two weeks; Glastrophobie’s remix of Hafdis Huld’s “Lucky” is now available on iTunes.

The remix has continued to receive an overwhelming amount of support since it’s August 13th release, with critics praising the bright summer vibes of Glastrophobie’s production that blend perfectly with Hafdis’ melodic vocals. Check out some of the reviews below and Click Here to buy on iTunes.

Glastrophobie transforms “Lucky” into a chilled out Summer anthem suitable for pool parties, long car rides, or just chillin’ in the backyard with a glass of sangria. So kick back, relax, and let the swooning melodies take you to your private escape.” – The Music Ninja

“Hafdis Huld’s bubbly, pop vocals are the perfect complement to Glastrophobie’s exuberantly sunny production. Another glorious remix in Glastrophobie’s quickly growing collection.”Good Music All Day

“..In his remixing, Glastrophobie elevates Huld’s beautifully sung melody with a House-y backbeat, crisp saxophone and phasing synth, turning the melancholic meditation into a bittersweet dance track.” – Surviving the Golden Age

Check out this new Glastrophobie remix! We’re not sure if he snorted some fairy-dust, or what the deal is, but this track is magical.” – Salacious Sound

Holding steady with the Icelandic folk sound, Glastrophobie’s remix adds a house element that doesn’t detract from the original’s sonic intention. With an almost Mumford feel, the summery vibes are strong with this one.” – Stoney Roads

Another killer mix from Glastrophobie and another step into the world of saxcellence.” – Your Music Radar

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