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Hafdis Huld Iceland Tour PosterHafdis Huld is heading out for two weeks of gigs in the far corners of Iceland, “reaching the parts of the country other artists can’t reach.” Sponsored by Icelandic Farm Holidays, Hafdis seeks to capture some of the true beauty of Iceland’s landscape and people with her tour as she stays at different farms and guest houses around the country.

She will be posting tour diaries, photos, and special acoustic performance videos from all of the out of the way places she visits. Follow her adventure on her website: HafdisHuld.com and get regular updates from her Twitter & Instagram accounts: @hafdishuld.

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Hafdis will be playing songs off her new album Home, which draws much of it’s inspiration from her beautiful home country. Check out Hafdis’s unplugged performance of “Wolf” off of Home  below, and be on the lookout for new performance videos from tour on her YouTube channel. Pick up a copy of Home  from our webstore.

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