Hafdis Huld Featured on Windsor Express UK

Hafdis Huld UK

Windsor Express has done a fantastic feature on Icelandic songstress Hafdis Huld! Praising her for her tranquil and honest sound, they also had the opportunity to speak with Hafdis about her home life, her inspirations, and more:

Her love of quiet family life and small pleasures such as baking certainly seem at odds with the somewhat erratic career of a musician, but in fact these opposites are endearing about Hafdis and her music.

With her UK-born husband Alisdair performing with her, it is easy to see what makes this work, and one wonders whether her daughter might have inherited the musical gene.

‘Arabella seems to be very musical already and comes running out of her room with a ukulele whenever she hears us playing guitar.’

Despite adopting the life of a domestic goddess to look after her new baby, she still managed to devote some time to her music and decided to record an album of lullabies while she was pregnant.

Though she currently lives in the idyllic mountains outside Reykjavik, Iceland has not always been home for Hafdis.
‘I love the UK and lived there for years, and of course I ended up bringing a lovely English gentleman back to Iceland with me.’

You can read the full feature here, and get your copy of Hafdis Huld’s “Home” here!

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