The Daily Vault Reviews Dovetail’s “Mount Karma”

The Daily Vault has done a stellar review of Dovetail’s debut album, “Mount Karma!” The album got an overall score of A- and praised frontman Philip Creamer’s “swagger…”

“The thing about swagger is, when it doesn’t work—when there isn’t enough substance behind it to make it credible—it’s a recipe for disaster. But when it does—when the songs and arrangements and performances deliver the goods and draw you in—a little swagger becomes the cherry on top, a knowing smile shared between performer and audience.

Texas natives Dovetail—the brother duo of Philip Creamer (lead vocals/guitar) and Daniel Creamer (keys/harmony vocals) with Aaron Haynes (drums) and Scott Lee (bass)—are rock and roll classicists of the first order, borrowing flavors from the Beatles, the Byrds, the Band, and Big Star to create their clever, intoxicating songs. (The former influence is accentuated by the band’s having won the 2012 John Lennon Songwriting Contest in the “Rock Song of the Year” category.)

This dynamic and very impressive debut album kicks off with the contest-winning song, “Julie,” an alternately woozy and apocalyptic little gem that manages to move through three or four distinct moods in under four minutes, deploying acoustic rhythm guitar, piano and organ, bass, drums and newest member Tucker Cauble on lead guitar. What pushes the song from good to great, though, is that little bit of swagger, the confidence with which the band propels the song through its changes.”

You can read the rest of the review here, and can download your copy of Dovetail’s “Mount Karma” here!

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