Make A “Great Impression” With A Sparkadia Hat – On Sale For $5!

They say that first impressions are the most important, so why not make a great one with a Sparkadia hat? Hats are now on sale in our merch store for only $5, and quantities are limited, so don’t miss out! You can find the hats here, and don’t forget to download your copy of Sparkadia’s “The Great Impression” here!


“Every summer I dream
Dream the strangest of dreams
You were here by my side
For a while so it seemed

In the Valley of Kings
There’s no way to escape
Melting clocks in the sun
Wish you knew you made

The greatest impression on me
You made the greatest impression on me
You made

Every winter I fall
Fall back into your bed
You were on your way home
I was sleeping instead

You’re the lake that stays frozen
Every time that I wake
I’m still under your spell
Wish you knew you made.”

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