The Musgraves Reviewed By Round Magazine!

Our friends over at Round Magazine have reviewed The Musgraves’ debut album, “You That Way I This Way!” Featured on the sites front page, Round praises the “sweet pop” that The Musgraves provide, and call them “a British cousin of Fun.” An excerpt from the article reads:

“Their debut album, “You That Way I This Way,” is an preppy, poppy piece of brit-pop confectionery that borrows from thirty years of upbeat English pop, folk, and psychedelia while taking a detour through the American east coast along the way.

The resulting sonic brew is undeniably infectious, despite at times presenting a nearly comical range of claps, piano hits, sha-la-las, string flourishes, and glockenspiel tinklings in an unadvisedly small space. However, they carry it off, in large part by playing it absolutely straight, with lead singer Matthew Bennett unabashedly belting out great vocals for every sugar-coated song.”

Round adds:

“With The Musgraves, you know exactly what you’re getting within the first seconds of a song. They’re unabashedly out to have a hand-clapping good time, and they’re packing every stringed instrument that might make it happen. I have to give them credit, though – the formula works.

By pairing honestly entertaining vocals that throwback to the Rat Pack with songs containing more hooks than a tackle box, The Musgraves have crafted a charmingly upbeat album of the sort that ends up playing on repeat for three hours straight.”

You can find the full album review here, and download your copy of “You That Way I This Way,” here!

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