this is engelbert humperdinck spotify playlist the man i want to be ok good records i followed my heart

Spotify Creates Official ‘This Is Engelbert Humperdinck’ Playlist

‘This Is Engelbert Humperdinck’ official Spotify playlist now available on Engelbert Humperdinck’s Spotify

Spotify recently published a brand new Spotify playlist titled, ‘This Is Engelbert Humperdinck’.  The 42 song playlist features some of Engelbert Humperdinck’s greatest hits and career-defining singles. Comparable to ‘Best Of…” albums, Spotify famously publishes ‘This Is…’ playlists for the music platform’s highly-streamed artists, including The Beatles, Adele, Barry Manilow and more.

this is engelbert humperdinck spotify playlist

The new Engelbert Humperdinck playlist features tracks from older albums of his, including Release Me, A Man Without Love and Grandes Exitos. Songs from newer albums are also featured on the playlist, such as Engelbert Humperdinck – The Greatest Hits and More, Engelbert Humperdinck: 50, and The Man I Want to Be, released on OK!Good Records Friday, November 24th, 2017.

Classic Engelbert Humperdinck hits like “After The Lovin”, “Spanish Eyes” and “Release Me” make the tracklisting, while newer Engelbert Humperdinck songs “The Man I Want to Be”, “I Followed My Heart” and “I’m Glad I Danced With You” are featured as well.

To add the playlist to their Spotify, Engelbert Humperdinck fans can follow the playlist by visiting this link and then tapping the ‘Follow’ button here:

Engelbert Humperdinck has just wrapped on recording a new album, with more info to come in the future.

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