The Alternate Root Features Carly Jamison’s “Small Talk”

Our friends over at The Alternate Root have featured Carly Jamison’s track, “Small Talk,” off her debut album, “Ungrounded!” The Alternate Root is a premiere source for all things americana and roots music, and is perfect for fans new and old. You can check out the full post here, and download your copy of Carly Jamison’s “Ungrounded” on iTunes today!

More about The Alternate Root:
“American Roots music is an amalgam of traditional American music that draws from elements of folk, country, bluegrass, blues, gospel, jazz, ethnic and rock musical styles. While many of these genres of music are well defined and easily recognized, music that combines elements of these genres in many varying amounts is often dismissed by purists in the media or music industry and relegated to ‘boutique’ record labels, eclectic press and radio entities and relative obscurity. Things are changing for American Roots music. The recent addition of an American Roots music Grammy category, recognition of American Roots music by The Smithsonian Institute of American History and the recent formation of an American Roots music curriculum by the prestigious Berklee School of Music in Boston are all signals that something is happening under the radar that is raising public awareness and there are many more signs. The Alternate Root, LLC and it’s five branches, The Alternate Root Magazine, Alternate Root TV, Americana Media Productions, ADC Film and Songs With Vision is leading the way with innovation and creativity that is unrivaled in the world of American Roots music. We do not look at recent trends as opportunity but rather as rewards for groundwork we have done for the past 5 years. As dedicated fans of this music and music industry veterans we saw a problem and have dedicated ourselves to solving it.”

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