Words For Music Reviews The Musgraves’ “You That Way I This Way”

Words For Music posted a great review of The Musgraves’ debut album You That Way I This Way. I hope everyone is stoked for the album as Words For Music is. You That Way I This Way will be out on April 16th! Check out the full review below and original post here.

‘You that way, I this way’

The best way to explain ‘You that way, I this way’ in a nutshell would be 11 little love stories with catchy melodies to accompany them. The album could be likened to a little book of love, taking you through the highs and lows of it all. The opener of the album ‘The way you make me want you’ is a great tone setter, by settling you back and gives you an insider to what the band is all about, which is upbeat rhythms, slick vocals and a very soothing violin to top it all off. The cliche love song ‘It’s you’ is a perfect display of catchy love song,without being too cheesy or in your face, no this songs walks straight past those comments and stays grounded as it tells you a brilliantly told story. ‘The last of me’ is probably the best song on the album, and you can see why this one was released as a single. The song has upbeat rhythm with the best vocal performance on the album, The Musgraves really come to life in this song with it being as catchy as the common cold, which is helped by the subtle little xylophone in the background. You could see this song sitting in the charts, and it wouldn’t look out of place, as it’s a great pop song. ‘So Sofia’ is the classic that most albums have, a song with a girls name featuring in the title, examples, The Beatles – Michelle, Paolo Nutini – Jenny Don’t be Hasty and Buddy Holly – Peggy Sue (Can’t help but love it), and this song doesn’t disappoint as it could possibly stand up next to ‘Last of me’.It presents all that’s best about The Musgraves, all the instruments coming in and working in harmony with one another, creating yet another catchy pop song, and when the ‘Oooo ahh Ohhh’ bits kick in, it’s fairly hard not to join in. As well as all these catchy, upbeat and inspiring songs, The Musgraves show their versatility with ‘Discover me’ and the closing song ‘Seventeen day’, with a slow strummed guitar just lying underneath Matthew’s hearty vocals. ‘Seventeen days’ is probably the best way that this album could have ended, with Matthew’s deep heart felt vocals being used to the up most dramatic effect with violin playing a crucial role to it all.

You can also listen/purchase The Musgraves’ You That Way I This Way on our website. Click on the artwork below.

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