LSMedia Crown Paper Aeroplanes “Sound Of The Week”

Liverpool’s local student newspaper, LSMedia just made Paper Aeroplanes their “Sound of the Week.” If you recall, LSMedia also did a really nice interview with the band last week, so it’s nice to see the band now being their choice pick for this week as well. LSMedia was also quick to point this out by saying:

“Guardian writer Robin Denselow who notably said ‘with music this good, Paper Aeroplanes deserve a far wider audience’. The nail has been well and truly hit on the head with this statement. Far more people should know about this Welsh twosome, if not only for their ethereal folk melodies but for their heart warming, fairy light lit gigs and their sockless bass player (when playing live he chooses to wear no socks – each to their own).”

Paper Aeroplanes are currently on their headlining tour in Europe, and about to release a new EP entitled Time to Be. Stick around for more news on the band as they seem to have a lot in store for the future. In the meantime read the rest of LSMedia’s article on the band here.

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