WSBU Reviews Sparkadia

WSBU, St. Bonaventure University’s student run radio station, reviewed Sparkadia’s The Great Impression on their blog. Check out what they had to say about the album:

“The Great Impression certainly leaves an impression as Sparkadia’s newest LP release. This Australian act makes its biggest statement with the song “Mary,” which they released as a single this past Valentine’s Day.

Echoing Queen, Florence and the Machine and inserting their own unique choral flavor, Sparkadia doesn’t just get their foot in the door, nope, they shoved in Jolie’s whole right leg.

The album immediately picks up after that, following “Mary” with [sparkadia] “Shoot Straight,” a chunky rock song with a haunting verse, reminding the listener that “the heart is the softest place, so shoot straight.”

The Great Impression is certainly an appropriate title for this album as it rocks the standards of indie-alternative. Sparkadia is definitely worth a listen, because when they get it—they really get it.”

Read the original article here.

The Great Impression is available now for purchase on iTunes and our website:

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