Hafdís Huld Interview in IAE Magazine

I Am Entertainment Magazine recently interviewed and featured Hafdís Huld in their April/May issue, which is out in stores now. IAE Magazine is a publication focused on inspiring and educating film, TV, gaming, sports, and music aspirants while celebrating the careers of the working professionals who make the entertainment industry work.

“Hafdis Huld – Folk/Pop Artist:
Who says you have to be from a large country and be heard on every mainstream radio station in the world in order to be a successful artist? Hafdis Huld is proving that it’s not always where you’re from or how many hits you have on the radio that dictates your success as an artist.

IAE: Please tell us where you’re from and what got you interested in a career in music?
HAF: I am from Iceland; I live in a small town called Mosfellsbær which is not too far from Reykjavik. I have always really enjoyed singing and writing songs and I was about 5 years old when I decided that I wanted to become a musician when I grew up.

IAE: Who influenced you the most, musically?
HAF: I don’t think I’m under a strong musical influence from anyone in particular. When writing my songs I usually start with an idea for a lyric and then write music that fits the story I am telling.

IAE: When did you sign your deal with OK Good Records and how did that opportunity come about?
HAF: I signed my deal with OK Good last year. I got invited to play the Midem Talent Showcase in Cannes and that’s where they heard me play.

IAE: Tell us about your latest project “Synchronised Swimmers” and what can we expect on the album?
HAF: Synchronised Swimmers is my second solo album. I recorded the album in a barn in England that had been converted in a studio with a group of great musicians. The album is a folk-pop album with songs about Robots, Boys, Vampires, and lots of other things.

IAE: How tough has it been for you to book live gigs as an independent artist?
HAF: My management and record label have been taking care of the bookings and we have had a very positive response so far, and I have had the chance to play my music in many different countries already.

IAE: What is your ultimate goal with your music?
HAF: If I am able to keep making music for a living then I am happy.”

Check out the digital version of the article here: http://www.iaemagazine.com/feed/Vol2iss11/hafdis-huld-pop-recording-artist.html

You can purchase Synchronised Swimmers here: http://okgoodrecords.com/blog/2011/01/05/hafdis-huld-synchronised-swimmers/

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