Schiller is featured in DDW Magazine as The Spring Artist with Interview

Schiller is the new SPRING ARTIST for DDW Magazine.

DDW is a Spanish online publication that brings amateur and professional photographers together from all over the world with the chance to build something beautiful for the senses of every single season of the year.

They thought Schiller’s music and sound coincided with the theme of art and escapism provided by the Magazine. They performed a candid interview about Breathless, his goals, and his personal experiences that influence his musical journey.


First of all, what is Schiller?
Schiller is electronic music. A mixture of various styles and sounds. Ambient, dance, chill-out and pop-music are the main ingredients of this project.

How would you define your sound?
I think it is a very distinctive and unique sound, very emotional. It triggers a ‘movie in your head’, inspires your fantasy…

You’ve launched in January your sixth album called “Breathless”.19 songs collaborating with great artists as Kim Sanders, Nadia Ali or Midge Ure. What can we find on this new album?
You can find the essence of ‘Schiller 2011’. The constant re-invention of my electronic sound-sculptures. I worked with a hand-picked selection of phantastic guest-artists, and together we created some touching tunes. I really like the process of working with other artists, it broadens the view and ignites new ideas.

Why “Breathless”?
I love to travel. Before I started working on the album I went off to a trip towards the north-pole, on a scientific research-vessel. Watching the horizons of the polar-sea simply made me breathless… and this stunning breathlessness and beauty of nature inspired me for the record.

Your last album “Desire”, was inspired on your travel from Berlin to Calcuta in your old Volvo. It also contains one song in spanish performed by the famous singer in Spain Ana Torroja. What can you tell us about that?

It was a fascinating trip. Going by car from Germany to India was a very special experience. I went through beautiful landscapes and pulsating cities. I met many people with an entirely different cultural background. This trip provided an incredible amount of inspiration. Coming home after that was not easy I have to say…but I can only recommend these kind of trips. You simply see much more of the planet if you drive. Flying is easy, but you do not see anything of what’s ‘in between’.

About Ana, I have been a fan of her voice for some time, and it was a huge pleasure for me to work with her. We met in Berlin on a cold winter-weekend. The recording-session was fun. Ana is a very nice person and she inspired me a lot. And of course I admire her beautiful voice…

It seems like all your albums are based on different trips or some big personal experiences…
It is hard to describe how a journey can inspire you… I think the most important thing is the ‘absence from home’. I was in an entirely different enviroment with people I hardly knew. This gives a really remote feeling, but it helps me clearing my head and it makes it easier to start with new musical ideas. It is not my aim to create a soundtrack to these trips, but the resulting music might be a soundtrack for the listener’s mind.

One of the things that maybe difference you from other electronic artist could be your spectacular live shows worldwide. You have sold out all over Europe and you also have shared the stage with people as Depeche Mode. What’s the feeling when you get something like that?
Performing on stage is a great extension of being in the studio. I love being on my own, working on new sounds, but being on tour with my ‘schiller family’ has become really important for me over the years. The energy-exchange with the audience is very inspiring. I’m looking forward to the next tour we will be doing later this year. I really can understand every artist who goes on tour even at a high age. It is really a fulfilling experience.

During your music career you’ve earned different awards and recognitions. All your five previous albums achieved gold status, you won the Echo Award for best german album, you also won the Opus Award for the best sound design of a live show… but one of the most important award could be selling more than 1 million copies of your albums. Where’s the limit?
I have to admit that awards are not that important for me. I would not put them onto the wall. They stand for something which happened in the past while I prefer to look forward in life. They are not the reason why I am being creative. They don’t say anything about the emotional quality of music. Touching people: that’s a true award for me. I consider myself rather happy that my music obviously touches people. I think I’m a little afraid that awards might cloud that view

As we said before, you’ve worked with great singers on your albums during your entire career. Is there any vocalist you would love to work with?
I’m sure there is. I can’t give you any name right now, as I am just about to start the preproduction for my new album. I have always been a big fan of Neil Tennant’s (Pet Shop Boys) voice. Maybe one day we will hook up for a track.

If you have to choose between all your songs, 3 that represent more the Schiller esence, which ones would you choose?
Well, I’m afraid I cannot answer that questions. It is very difficult for me to pick songs from my own creation as I have certain bonds to each one of them. Please forgive me that I have to remain silent on this one.

And if you have to select one colour, a smell and a flavour to describe your music, are you capable to pick them?
Wow. What an unusual approch. Well, I think a mixture of the colour orange and white, a hint of vanilla and a taste of sweet chocolate might do it. Sounds weired, but those images come into my mind first.

What goals would you like to get with your music?
I would like to continue with what I am doing. That is my ultimate goal. Expanding my musical ideas steadily, and if the audience follows me on this path, then I’m a happy man.

What can we expect from Schiller in the future?
The future… well, first of all: I love the future. Sometimes I wish I could see into it. But actually the future will come, no matter what. When I close my eyes, I see many years with more music from Schiller. Many years of movement and invention. I sincerely hope that despite everything, people will always let go and enjoy emotional sounds. And I am ready to explore this zone. Above all: the future will be bright. We should not give up… yes…

Finally, who’s hidden behind “Schiller”?
Talking about myself ? Well, I am not really a man of many words when it comes to my person. Actually I try to express myself with my music. That is my way to open myself.

Is there something you would like to say to our readers?
Life is great, no matter what. Let’s appreciate it, day by day.

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