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The Pop! Stereo recently posted a great review on Schiller’s Breathless. The Pop! Stereo posts news and reviews for all types of music, exposing readers to new music all the time.

Schiller’s epic new release Breathless is a massive double disc set that sees this master of trance branch out into a more chilled out vibe. Not forgetting his roots though, Schiller brings his sense of epic with him and creates sprawling works that sound like breezes rustling through trees.  So much of Breathless, is like this that it almost seems as if the record could go on forever. This record is the very definition of epic and while I much prefer his euphoric trance productions, his breathless sense of wonder here is quite entertaining.
Utilizing twenty separate contributors Breathless is a smorgasbord of collaborative delights. While some might see this as confusing and almost too much to handle, the fact that so many unique personalities contribute here seems to work to Schiller’s favor. From singer songwriter, Anggun to Midge Ure, and even famed pianist LangLang Schiller is miraculously able to work with each of them and come up with some fantastically diverse music. Breathless, I think, succeeds because of the quality of the contributions each of these artists make and it’s them that elevates this record from being just another chill out album.
While this might not be a double album of club bangers or epic trance breakdowns Breathless is still ridiculously good. With soaring vocals, lush instrumentation, and rays of sunshine to power it all, Breathless is the chilled out album it’s ok to like. If you love music that’s lush, gargantuan in scale and unique in it’s creation you couldn’t do better than Breathless if you tried.

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